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Jun 08, 2017
Whats New? ... System
Advisory Board Online Conference 26-31 May 2017.
XML Additions Scripts 6.6.17
Lr QF Difference XML Encoding 26.5.17

Jun 01, 2017
Advisory Board Online Conference 26-31 May 2017
Whats New?
SEE Project Advisory Board

May 25, 2017
Available TEILite XML Texts
Project Materials ... System
Whats New?
Project Meeting 25.5.17
HC Delta, Random Forrest etc
Nearest Shrunken Centroid (NSC)
Word Adjacency Networks (WAN) 25.5.17
To Do SEE 19.5.17
GEs Q/F King Lear differences 12.5.17
SEE XML Texts: GE's Who's Got What List 25.5.17 25.5.517

May 24, 2017