Would a more detailed Q/F differences table be useful? YES. GE will provide.

Hugh says we should:

Test the conflated LR against known good Sh. plays: is it like them in terms of such measurable thing like repetitiveness? GE: We agreed yesterday not to prioritize this.

When we have Q/F LR aligned, can we detect in the sections where there are roughly equivalent passages are there one-way alterations that recur? These, beyond a certain freq., are non-random but rather authorial. If we can divide the alignment in 'largely the same as the other edition' versus 'largely unique to this edition' then we can ask separate questions of the two kinds. GE: We agreed yesterday to prioritize this.

Dating printed editions of Shakespeare (quartos) using the habits of language that were changing: 'that' as conj. (retreats) 'hath' and 'doth' (retreat) '-th' verb endings (retreats) 'thou' and related forms (retreats) GE: We said we might look into this later.

Other things we might look into: Speech lengths as investigated by Helmut Ilsemann Punctuation freqs between editions? printshops? GE: We said we might look into this later.