Q1_scene/22: n="22" type="scene"> Enter Edmund, Regan, and their powers. Know of the Duke if his last purpose hold, Or whether since he is aduis'd by aught To change the c_ourse, he is full of alte F1_scene/22: _______n__________=__________"2">E_______nt_e___________________r_____ __E__________d_g___________ar______________, _a__n__________d________________________ _G______________los_te_________________r__ Q1_scene/22: ration And self-reprouing, bring his constant pleasure. Our sisters man is certainly miscaried, it is to be doubted Madam, Now sweet Lord, You know the goodnes I intend upon you, Tell me but tr F1_scene/22: ______. H_e________r_____e _F________a_t______h__e_r___, _t__________a_________k__________e_____ __t_h_____e________________ __s_____h__ado_w ___o____________________________________f __th_______i____ Q1_scene/22: uly, but then speak the truth, Do you not love my sister? Aye, honor'd love. But have you never found my brothers way, To the forfended place? That thought abuses you. I am doubtfull that you ha F1_scene/22: ________________________s____ __Tr_____________________e_e _F_____o________r_ __y__o_________________________________ur_ __g_______ood___________ __h__________oa__s______t: ___p___________________ra__ Q1_scene/22: ve been coniunct and bosom'd with her, as far as we call hers. No by mine honour Madam. I never shall indure her, dear my Lord be not familiar with he_r. Feare me not, she and the Duke her husba F1_scene/22: ______________________y___ ___t__h____a_____________________t_ __t_h________________e___ ____r______i_________g_h_t _m__________a_______________y __thri___ue: _If______________________________________ Q1_scene/22: nd. Enter Albany and Gonorill with troupes. I had rather loose the battaile, than tha_t sister should loosen him and me. Our very louing sister well be-met For this I hear the King is come to hi F1_scene/22: __ __e_________v_e_____r___________________ ____I____________________________ _re______tur________n___e __to_______________ __y_o______________________________u _ag____________________________________ Q1_scene/22: s daughter With others, whome the rigour of our state Forst to crie out, where I could not be honest I never yet was valiant, for this business it touches us, as France inuades our land Not bolds F1_scene/22: _a__i____n, I__________ _wi___________l______________l _br______i___________________n_______g_________ ___yo__________________u _co___m__f_o____rt. G__________r_a__c_e______________________ _g________ Q1_scene/22: the King, with others whome I feare, Most iust and heauy causes make oppose. Sir you speak nobly. Why is this reason'd?_ Combine togither against the enemy, For these domestique dore particulars F1_scene/22: __________________________________o_ __w___i_t__h____________________________ __yo________________u __S__i___________r__.__ E_______xi_______________________t._ Al______________________a___rum______ Q1_scene/22: Are not to question here. Let us then determine with the auntient of warre on our proceedings. I shall attend you presently _at your tent. Sister you will go with us? _N_o. it is most conueni F1_scene/22: __a___n______________d____ __R_______e_______________________t__r___e___________at__ _with___i__n._ E________nte___r____________ Edgar________._ A_w_a__y__ ol__d__ m___an_, _give __m_________________ Q1_scene/22: ent, pray you go with us. O ho, I know the riddle, I will go. Enter Edgar If ere your Grace had speech with man so poore, Hear me one word. Exeunt. I will ouertake you, speak. Before you fight F1_scene/22: __e _t_______h________y_ ____h_a___n_____d________, a_wa____y: _K__ing_____ _L__________e_________________________ar_______ __h__________at__h __lo_s_t, ___h_______________e _and__ __h________________ Q1_scene/22: the battell ope this letter, If you have victory let the trumpet sound For him that brought it, wretched though I seem, I can produce a champion that will proue What is auowched there, if you misc F1_scene/22: ______i________________s___ __D_au__g_____h__t___e__r ta__n___________e, Gi_________________ve__ _m___e___ t___h_______y ____h________a_______n___________________d: C________o_me_________ _o_____n____ Q1_scene/22: ary, Your business of the world hath so an end, Fortune love you, Stay till I have read the letter. I was forbid it, when time shall serue let but the Herald cry, and i will appeare again. Exit. F1_scene/22: ___._ N_______________________________________o __furt__h____e_r__ __S_____i_____________________r___, ___a____________ _m________________________a_n____________ _m__a________________________y __r_ot Q1_scene/22: Why fare thee well, I will ore-looke the paper. Enter Edmund. The enemie is in vew, draw up your powers Hard is the quesse of their great strength and forces By diligent discouery, but your hast F1_scene/22: __e_____________ve______n_______________________ __h____e__r__e._ Wh__________________a______t_____________ _i___________________________________________________n _i_______________l___l _t_______h____ Q1_scene/22: e is now vrg'd on you. We will greet the time. Exit. To both these sister have I sworne my lo_ve, Each iealous of the other as the sting are of the Adder, Which of them shall I take, both one or F1_scene/22: _____o___u_g___h__ts_ __a__g_____________ai_n_? _M_en __m_______________________________________ust __e_______n_____d__________________u_r_e_________________ __Th_______________________e___i__________ Q1_scene/22: neither, neither can be inioy'd If both remaine aliue, to take the widdow Exasperates, makes mad her sister Gonorill, And hardly shall I carry out my side Her husband being aliue, now then we wi F1_scene/22: ______r _g__oi_ng______ __h____e_______n_c_e____________, e___________ve__n_ _a__s_______ _th_____e______i_______r______ __c_____om____i________n___________g__ _h___it_h_______________________________ Q1_scene/22: ll vse His countenadce for the battaile, which being done Let her that would be rid of him deuise His speedie taking off, as for his mercy Which he entends to Lear and to cordelia: The battaile d F1_scene/22: __er__, R__i_p___e_______n___e____sse_____________________ _i____________s____ a_______________l__l _c___ome_______________ _o_____n_________. A_________n________d____________________ __th____________ Q1_scene/22: one, and they within our power Shall never see his pardon, for my state _Stands on me to defend, not to debate. Exi__t. F1_scene/22: ____________________at________ _i__________________________________s____ _true___________________ _t____o______o._ Exeunt._____