External Image.She has a BSc in Computer Game Programming and runs her own website, so knowing HTML she doesn't expect to find XML-TEI too much of a conceptual leap. Cheniece is a DMU Global Champion and will work on the project 0.5 FTE for 6 weeks, which should take us a long way. Welcome Cheniece!

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External ImageThe CTS's new MA student Kyonnah Price, a graduate of our BA English course on "Textual Studies Using Computers" (see the link on the left here for our courses), has agreed to do the work of encoding in TEI-XML the first quarto (published in 1597) of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

We have from our Prof Hugh Craig, Director of the Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing (CLLC) at the University of Newcastle in Australia, his TEI-XML encoding of the script of John Marston's play Sophonisba (a.k.a. The Wonder of Women), marked up to show the features that his computational stylistics methods work upon. So Kyonnah will use that as her model for Q1 Romeo and Juliet and will validate her work against the teilite.dtd. (Kyonnah is using the oXygen XML Editor from SyncRo Soft Limited, which seems to be everyone's choice these days.) Once Kyonnah is done, we'll send the file back to Hugh in Australia for confirmation that it conforms to the specifications his methods rely upon.